Nadia is a Children’s Book Illustrator, Visual Development artist, and Content Creator. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design and Audiovisual Production. She has illustrated many children’s books under the artist representation of Astound USA.  She also collaborates remotely on animation projects for publicity and short-films with the studio Cocoa López based on Mexico DF.  Wanting to learn more about the animation industry and content creation, in 2016 she applied for the Andimation program, an eight weeks’ incubator for developing and pitching animated TV series organized by the Animation Workshop. Early this year, she was part of the Scriptwriting and Concept Development program at La Poudrière, France. An 11-week program that allowed her to collaborate in the creation of animated TV-series and also gave her the opportunity to go to Annecy for the first time. One of her highlights was to be present at Joe’s Murray talk and finally meet the creator of the show that had inspired her all those years ago.  Recently, she was awarded a Diversity grant for the Storytellers Academy and  now she’s developing stories for picturebooks. When Nadia is not sketching or painting, she’s reading books or obsessing over a new k-drama. ^_^
Clients Include: Benchmark Education, Lightbooks–Publishing, Cognition Education, Flowerpot Press, Capstone, A-Z Learning, Highlights for Children magazine, Rubicon Publishing, Trillium Publishing, Woongjin Compas, Cricket Media, ClubHouse Jr Magazine.
Shortfilm Credits Include: Cinta Roja, Collage, Yolo, Lo que importa, Canicas.