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Bring your children's book to life this year!

Are you looking to self-publish your children's book on Amazon and other printing platforms, but don't know where to begin?

We can take some of the heavy workload for you, and guide you in producing a children's book that's gonna be loyal to your vision and have stunning engaging images that kids and parents are gonna be raving about.

Read what our clients say about working with us. Here…

Autumn Heigle - Marketing Coordinator
The Oklahoma City Zoo’s program, Read for Adventure, 2020. Nadia Ronquillo’s illustration style was a perfect fit for the project. Bold imagery and bright colors brought the story’s whimsical characters to life on every page. Nadia was able to take the initial direction for the illustrations and provide creative solutions. She was responsive and able to meet all project deadlines. If you’re looking for a professional, imaginative illustrator, Nadia will not disappoint!
Teju Prasad - MGF Foundation
Nadia was a pleasure to work with as a first time children's book author, she took the time to understand the vision for the project and was timely in responding to feedback and requests for meetings as needed. I would gladly work with her again if the opportunity arises!
Pam Bowers Author - Smooth Sailing co.
Nadia is an extremely professional and incredibly gifted artist. We are grateful to have the opportunity to partner with as the illustrator for our book series. Nadia’s talents breath life and emotion into the characters and scenery she develops from our imaginations.
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Who are we?

Hi, I’m Nadia Ronquillo an Ecuadorian children’s illustrator with over more than 10 years of experience illustrating children’s books for editorials and kids magazines such as capstone publishing, highlights magazine, oxford publishing, rubicon publishing among others.

In 2020, I set up a remote studio and now I am so grateful to have the support of other talented artists to contribute to the creation of your picture books.

You have an amazing story and want to self-publish your first children’s book. But, you have no idea how to get started?

We take the pain away from producing the book while remaining loyal to your vision. 

Why should you collaborate with us?

You'll get a passionate team to work on your project: art director, character designer, graphic designer, who are deeply committed to deliver your children's book in 6months

We'll suggest a format for your book that fits your story best, advice on printing companies and what are the steps to take to get the elements we need from you to put your book together.

We'll design an engaging cover and backcover to stand out from the shelves.

We'll add the text and graphic design for you.

We help you meet the requirements of your printer of choice.

You'll own commercial rights of the images and characters we'll create for you.

Finally we support you in any doubts or questions you have while uploading your files to Amazon or other platforms.

We make it top priority to respect your vision while guiding you in the process of illustration and layout. We go as far, as supporting you after you get your first print copy. If theres a need for corrections we have your back. 

Want to see some of the projects we've done so far? Go here

Simply put, we want to make of the self-publishing world a place with amazing stories and visuals

Children’s book illustrator portfolio

Granma and Strawberry

Kai in the Mind's Sky

Kai and the mind

The heart keeps the Beat

heart keeps the beat

Children’s book illustrator portfolio


Are you ready to book a  free discovery call here with me?

We have a summer offer in which the first 5 clients who book us till the end of this month receive a FREE coloring book and social media videos to share on Instagram and TikTok.

We only take a couple of projects through the year so books us now so we can collaborate and bring your book to life.  

frequent questions

What materials or info do I need from you, to send you a quote?

The manuscript or concept of the story.
The number of pages you need and what type of illustrations: spot illustration, single pages, spreads (two pages)
A visual reference for the style you are most interested in.
Format and size for the book if not I’ll be glad to recommend a couple of options.

I am ready to start collaborating with you. What happens next?

After you have chosen to work with me. I’ll send a written contract with all the requirements, timeframes for the deliverables and services you have requested. I am always glad to get on a call, to explain my process further. After I receive the first payment, I’ll send a Trello link for you to review my process. You can read more about it here.

What type of Payment I accept?

Payment will be split in 3 installments done via xoom bank transfer, transferwise or standar bank transfer. Fee will be: A first payment of 25% to start the project. A second payment of 25% after delivery and approval of the sketches for the pages And a final payment of 50% at the end of the approval of the final work. How long will it take you to finish the project? That depends on the style, number of illustrations, ans services you are interested in. Feel free to contact me to get a quote.

Do you illustrate other types of projects?

Yes, I am always to illustrate new and exciting projects. So do reach out even if you see a product that is not listed. I am always up for a challenge.

What type of revisions do I offer ?

Revisions: A round of revisions is defined as a list of changes to be made to the artwork. There will be an opportunity for a round of revisions after work is submitted for review at each stage, and one round after painting is completed, if needed. Client shall approve all material for all rounds of the Project Scope. At the end there’s also space for minor changes include things such as: Small changes to facial expressions Adjusting of character poses Adjusting character or prop Simple color changes Adding or adjusting silhouetted figure or objects Adjusting of character costumes for accuracy Resizing of character/props

Finally, and most importantly, you get to own the rights for the images and the publishing and commercial use for the images

Get in touch with us so we can do a video call and get to know more about your project and needs.

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