Curriculum Vitae


Nadia Ronquillo
[email protected]
+593 0982802090
Ciudad Celeste, manzana 7 villa 36
Guayaquil, Ecuador

Director, Content creator, Visual Development artist, Children’s Book Illustrator.
Feb2019 - Present

Co founder of KALEIDOS
Animation development studio and illustrati on studio
“Tally Molly” 2D Preschool
series co producti on with Pajaro studio(chile)
“Tally Molly” picturebook with augmented reality series

May 2018 - 2020

Project Director “Tally Molly” 2D Preschool
Bootcamp Ideatoon, Mexico 2018
Bridging the Gap, Spain 2018
Winners at Ventana Sur- tv series pitch 2018 Argenti na
MIFA, animati on! focus 2019 France

January 2016 – May 2018

Visual Development artist,
Background designer (remote)

Cocoa López animation studio Mexico“Canicas” 2016 shortf ilm
“Collage” 2016 short film
“Yolo” 2017 teaser
“Artes y Después” 2018 short film ( in house)

April 2017 - July 2017

Co-creator, Visual Development artist

Scriptwriti ng and Concept Development
“Tally Molly” 2D Preschool show
La poudrière, France

October – December 2016

Co –creator, Art director, Visual Development artist

Andimati on – Incubator for animated tv series
“Volcania” 2D animated tv series
The Animati on Workshop, Denmark

April 2014 - Present

Children’s Book Illustrator, Character Designer
Astound Us literary agency
USA, New York

“Big Emoti ons” 2020 Smooth Sailing co
“Whats my frequency“ MGF. Prasad Foundation
“Graciosos Poemas“ 2020 Aparicio Publishing
“If not you then who“ 2020 Weeva Editorial
“Juniper’s Butt erfl y Garden“ 2020 Oklahoma ZOO
“Rainy Day Picnic“ 2019 Capstone Publishing
“Project Explore 1st Editi on“2019 Oxford Publishing
“Educati onal Storybook“ 2019 The Clever Factory
“Wilka La mejor Vendedora” 2019 Benchmark Education
“La Piñata de Tecolote“ 2018. Benchmark Education
“Don Quijote en los Andes“ 2018. Benchmark Education
“Goldbeards Treasure“ 2018. Learning A-Z
“Esta es mi familia“ 2018. Benchmark Education
“Maya moves” 2018. Rourke Media Education
“A safe cake” 2018. Rourke Media Education
“Ethan’s stepmom” 2018. Rourke Media Education
“The Baker’s Dilemma” 2017. Benchmark Education
Babybug magazine spread, 2017. Cricket Media
“While we wait” 2017. Clubhouse Jr.
Song Book 2017. Woogjin Education
“Funderstorm” 2017. Highlights magazine
“Me too” 2016. Capstone Publishing
“Unfair art” 2016. Trillium Publishing
“All by myself” 2016. Learning A-Z
“Leap” 2016. Flowerpot Press
“July cover” 2016. Clubhouse Jr.
“SOS cigüeña” 2015. Benchmark Educati on

Director, Content creator, Visual Development arti st, Children’s Book Illustrator.

Visual Development mentorship with Armand Serrano
CGMA online lectures


Bridging the Gap, Spain. Lab Master classes for Pitching projects


Bootcamp Ideatoon, Lectures and Workshop for pitching bibles.
Pixelatl, Cuernavaca Mexico



Making Picture Book Stories online classes and mentorship
The Storyteller Academy
Scriptwriti ng and Concept Development program
La Poudriere, France
Drawing for animati on interactive online lectures by Rad Sechrist
Color and Light lectures by Marco Bucci.


Andimati on, Incubator for animated tv series
VIA University College, Animati on Workshop


Fundamentals of Character design, lectures by Chris Ayers
CG Master Academy


Bachelor in Graphic Design and Audiovisual Production
ESPOL University

Director, Content creator, Visual Development artist, Children’s Book Illustrator

“Tally Molly winner of ICCA ecuadorian institute
picturebook with augmented reality“.


“Tally Molly official selecti on at MIFA, animation! focus”


“Tally Molly official selection at ventana sur, animation pitching sessions”
“Tally Molly” Official selection for Bridging the Gap lab in Tenerife Spain.
“Tally Molly” Official selection for Bootcamp Ideatoon, Lectures and Workshop for pitching bibles.


Collage, short film official selection of Morelia festival, Mexico.


Awarded scholarship and mentorship for the Storyteller Academy.
Volcania awarded an acreditati on for Annecy 2018 and transmedia mentorship at TLSM, Bolivia.
Awarded partial scholarship for the Scriptwriting and concept program at La Poudrière, France.


Awarded full scholarship for the Andimation program,
The Animati on Workshop, Viborg.


Leap, Picture Book winner of a Tillywig Top Fun Award


Collage showcased in the official selection of Ecofilm festival, Mexico.


Cintaroja, short film, showcased at FAAL, Guayaquil, Ecuador.