Isabel and the Invisible World

Children's book illustrator

A curious girl detective explores the world around her, including the ocean’s amazing bioluminescence.
The debut title in a new books series for young readers that are simple introductions to micro-science.

Young Isabel dreams of being a super detective and takes her favorite toy—a large magnifying glass—wherever she goes. A scientist at heart, Isabel uses her magnifying glass to stop and observe, often seeing things that other children overlook whether it’s tiny mouse footprints or strange-looking bugs. When Isabel and her family take a trip to the bay at night, they see an amazing and beautiful occurrence of bioluminescence in the water. A lover of mysteries, Isabel uses her science smarts, great detective work, and her trusty magnifying glass to uncover the secret of what causes this extraordinary natural phenomenon.

Author Rick Allen is an AAUS scientific scuba diver who has collected data for oceanographic researchers and speaks about kelp forest ecology whose aim with Isabel is to excite young readers about the wonders of our ocean and marine environments.

About the Author
Rick Allen is an author, photographer, AAUS scientific diver, and PADI Divemaster. He’s collected data for oceanographic researchers, fed sharks by hand, and loves seeing bioluminescence when scuba diving at night. Exploring the forests and lakes of Southwest Michigan as a boy nurtured his love of ecology. He now lives in Southern California with his wife, daughter, and orange tabby cat. He enjoys telling stories that promote outdoor play and self-learning.

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